Taking the Greener Route

Navigating a greener route – at Trans Haul we’re all too aware of the impact the logistics industry has on our environment, so making a commitment for a better future was an easy decision to make.


Our commitment!

Taking responsibility for our impact on the environment is a big deal to us at Trans Haul and we want you to know the steps we’re taking to reduce and avoid any adverse impact wherever possible. It is our commitment to…

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To always take the greener route where possible, both literally and metaphorically! From sending digital invoices over paper and choosing the most economical routes when on the roads.

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To continually review and implement procedures, policies, and objectives for reducing, eliminating or compensating any adverse impact on the environment.

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To document, maintain and implement systems for controlling adverse environmental impact and promoting environmental improvements.

We’ve reduced our carbon footprint by 76%.

Shell Energy

The Carbon Offset Programme

As part of our commitment for a more sustainable workforce, we’ve partnered with Shell Energy and their Carbon Offset Programme.

To thrive through the energy transition, there is no single solution. Shell Energy have provided solutions to avoid, reduce and compensate emissions.

Avoid Emissions

  • Electric Charging Points
  • Hydrogen
  • Electric-Pump Jet Refueller

Reduce Emissions

  • Bio Fuels & Biocomponents
  • Lower Emission Fuels
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Low Temperature Products
  • 0W Lubricants
  • LNG Cargo Circular Economy

Compensate Emissions

Carbon Compensation projects with Carbon Credits through Nature Based Solutions (NBS) (as well as projects using other methodologies), to help minimise the about of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) in the atmosphere

1 Credit = a single emission reduction of 1 tonne CO2

Carbon credits

Projects we’ve helped to fund

Through working with Shell Energy our Carbon Credits have helped to fund nature-based solutions (NBS) projects as well as projects using other methodologies that help to minimise the total amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) in the atmosphere.

NBS comprise all activities related to the protection, or re-development, of natural ecosystems – such as forests, grasslands, wetlands and blue carbon – to lower concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Carbon compensation projects can also come from other methodologies that help to minimise the total amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) in the atmosphere such as household devices, renewable energy, and waste management.

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